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Friday, November 30, 2007

Beth Ostrosky in Sexy Dress

Beth Ostrosky in Sexy Dress. Beth Ostrosky (born July 15, 1972 in Pittsburgh) is an American model, television personality and actress who is the fiancée of radio personality Howard Stern.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Ostrosky began her modeling career by doing fashion shows at the age of 9. Continuing to model through her high school days at suburban Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, Ostrosky moved from Pittsburgh to New York City soon after graduation to pursue her modeling career. She was a fit model for several of the fashion houses in NYC in the early 2000s and also did a lot of catalog modeling doing lingerie, mostly (Kohl's, Sears, etc.).
In 2000, "Beth O" met radio personality Howard Stern at a dinner party. They soon after were considered a couple, though it would take Stern nine months before confirming this on his morning radio show. She has been known to call into the show from time to time. On February 14, 2007, Stern announced on his radio show that he proposed to Ostrosky in the nude a day prior. According to Stern, the proposal doesn't necessarily mean they'll ever get married, rather that they're just engaged, although Ostrosky has "agreed" to a prenup.
Recently despite their engagement, the road is seeming rocky for this once perfect couple as Beth has commented that Howard is going to be a "groomzilla" and on Howard's October 16, 2007 show Beth and Howard argued after Howard blew her off for a game of chess. The couple has also been counseled by celebrity psychologist Dr. Keith Ablow who has brought to light several things the couple doesn't like about each other including among other things a lie that Howard told to Beth, and Howard's dirty house habits.

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